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    Todays LWR exam had
    paragraph -1 was easy
    2 the history of pencil
    3 Regarding evolutin of planets and large planets like jupiter
    …. it was the toughest
    …. Also the samples we practice and give mock test have short lenght of parahs whereas in exam they are lenghty

    Writing was the easiest…
    Task 1 pie chart of usage of social media by men and women separately in both 2011 and 2014
    Task 2 scientists are concerened about environmental isseues over many years and suggest less use of energy in daily life. Despite of such warnings most people dont follow them
    … Why do you think they dont follow them
    ….what can be done to encourage people to do so

    i suggest to do reading parah 2 carefully as pass or fail sometimes depend on it when u cant specially find many answers from the thir done… I did a mistake that i have left blanks in pasage 2 and could not find them in last 10 minutes…..
    Hope i may pass

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