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    I took my computer based test yesterday and here are my questions.

    part 1 :
    General questions about work, reason to choose profession and weather
    part 2:
    You are in a public place and you hear someone talk on the phone.
    Describe where was this, when was this and what was the person talking about
    part 3;
    do you think people behave badly to strangers ?
    what should be done with bad behaving people, should you ignore or should they be told about it
    what can be done to improve the behavior of people
    are people more silent in public than before
    why do some people feel uncomfortable while it is silent.

    1. Your landlord wants to increase the rent. Write a letter to him telling him why do you think the rent shouldnt be increased and what will you do if it is increased.
    2. Some people believe that if people are allowed to work after the age of 60, it causes problems. Do you agree or disagree ?

    The first part of my speaking went very well, but in 2nd part i could only speak for 1:40 around, and struggled to find any content there. I felt the question was pretty tricky, or maybe I should have prepared better. Hope it does not reduce my score. In the essay, I didnt agree or disagree , i just put points on both sides of the argument and proposed it as a decision which depends on the particular type of industry and not a generic one. Please tell me that that it is okay to do that. Fingers crossed for my result !

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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