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    Writing Task 1 – Write a letter to your friend about a book that you have recently read.
    – write about the book
    – why it will be useful for her/him.
    – how do you buy.

    W-T2: Some people think that decreasing the speed of vehicles will increase road safety, others believe there are other options. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

    Both tasks, I felt, are rather easy ones, nothing to panic, but please guys remember one thing. I thought I was good at writing, because I keep on writing many things, like answering on Quora, writing emails etc and I have been in Medical Transcription for almost 15 years, which gave me confidence in writing, but that is not sufficient for writing task, because here you have to practice the style and format. Introduction, main idea plus supporting sentences or example, next main idea etc and then conclusion. So practice till you get it right. I was just thinking how to get the main ideas and not writing, as I was very clear with intro and conclusion, so I felt my essay to be little clumsy though I felt task response was okay, but I don’t know what happens, lets see. So, please please practice writing, write at least 10-20 full essays before exam.

    My listening was good. First was travel agent – customer conversation, next is a map pointing (confused as expected), next sports equipment and places to buy, next as usual research topic and then a monologue with sentence completion. So overall I felt my listening was okay. Friends, here also, please practice Map several times, it is very confusing. Especially for non-native speakers, the way we tell routes is very very different to how native speakers tell the routes. They say turn right at the corner, go furthermore etc. We don’t use such words. We say, go straight, take left, take right. So it is bit confusing and you will lose marks in a relatively very easy task, so practise a lot.

    Reading I was not so confident before the exam, but fortunately, my Reading went very well. I could answer all questions. Waiting eagerly for the result. Only suggestion for reading is read lots of articles from where ever you can to speed up your reading and comprehension. Read newspapers, BBC site, etc.. Time was never a concern for me. I was left with sufficient time in Reading and Writing.

    One more interesting thing, there were 500 students at the centre and the listening test did not start on time, it started almost 40 minutes after the scheduled time, so take care. Go to wash room before you enter the exam hall, do not take it lightly. You will feel the pressure during Writing as it is the last one and there is AC in the Hall.

    Arrive Early at the centre, almost 1:30 hours before the actual time, as it will take lot of time to submit your belongings and get photographed and registered. Do not worry, if you are not photographed in the beginning, you can get it after the exam also.

    Please listen to instructions carefully. Check you headphones for sound clarity and adjust volume during the Demos. Lots of demos will be provided because all 500 people should get it right. Just raise your hand, some person will come and help you.

    All the best…

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