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    My speaking was on 03-Jan-2019
    Location : India
    Section : 1
    Do you work or study?
    Why you have opted for this job?
    How much work you do in a week?
    Do you have to work on weekend also?
    Why pictures are important?
    How do you click photographs?
    What you do with those photos?
    With Whom you love to click photos and why?
    Do you want to enhance your skills in photography?
    If some one want to give a message what is best a picture or a written message?
    Section : 2
    A handsome person you have met in your life?
    Who that person is?
    Where you met?
    Why did you feel he is handsome?
    Have you ever told someone that you met with that person?
    Section 3 :
    Why inner beauty is vital?
    Why people nowadays believe in outer beauty? reasons?
    Have your parents taught you about the inner beauty?If yes How?
    Why people love natural beauty? Reasons?
    Is it possible to make our cities similar to the countryside?
    Do you think in future people perspective about beauty will change?
    Few more questions were there related to beauty.

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