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    I had my speaking test today
    Date: 08 feb
    Part1 (usual general question)
    What is your name
    Where are you from
    Do u work or study
    Do u have friends at your work place
    What is the best time of the day do you like to work
    What outdoor activities did you like to do
    What outdoor activity did you do when you were young
    How important is physical activity for young people in your country
    Talk about an occassion where you had a visitor
    Who the visitor was
    what did you do
    how did you feel
    PART 3
    How important do you think is for host country to take care of the visitor
    What kind of training should be provided for the staff at the hotels
    Do you prefer to stay at friends house or hotel
    If you plan to stay at hotel what kind of facilities do u expect
    I don’t remember the order in which questions were for part 3
    I messsed up a bit for host country in part 3
    I don’t know how it will impact my score
    Keeping my hopes high for better performance for written exam on 10th

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