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    where do you live right now.
    tell me something interesting about your place.
    how about your neighborhood.
    why do you think you have relatives there.
    when is the usual age for a child to understand the value of money.
    when do parents teach children the value of money
    do you have pictures in your house?
    What do you think is the purpose of pictures.
    what kind of pictures do you like.
    cue card
    a time when u receive money as a gift.
    who gave it to u
    the reason why you receive money
    how did u feel about it
    follow up after the two minutes: did you tell anyone about it?
    can an ordinary man be powerful without money.
    how can a wealthy man be powerful?
    how can an ordinary man help the community
    how can a wealthy person contribute to the community
    How can you relate power with money.

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