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    Today I had my speaking test below were the list of questions, also I need a clarification from you which I mentioned after the questions.
    Part 1
    Where do you live?
    Which room you like in your home?
    Will you move to different home in future?
    Your favorite holiday spot?
    What you will be doing in your leisure time?
    Part 2
    Describe a song you like the most?
    -When and where did you hear at first?
    -Explain about the song.
    Part 3
    Questions related to music
    Which genre of music do I prefer to hear?
    The song I described in part 2 was the one in my first language and I just mentioned the first line lyrics of the song. Is it fine to use the first language to describe the lyrics which isn’t English. I am quite worried now and will it make any impact in my score.

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