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    I had my ielts speaking test on 22nd August in India.
    Part 1
    Introduce yourself
    Are you a student/working
    What is your job position?
    Which time of the day you prefer working? And why?
    Do you use dictionaries? Why/why not?
    Which dictionary do you prefer-paper or online? Why?
    Would you like to write a dictionary someday ?Why?
    Do you like travelling? Why/why not?
    Have you travelled by plane?
    Would you like to travel to space? Why/why not?
    Part 2
    Describe how you like to spend time with older people in your family
    Who are they?
    When do you spend time with them?
    What you like to do with them?
    Why you like to spend time with them?
    (About the activity you enjoy doing with them)
    Part 3
    Do you think older people should be treated better?
    Do you think younger generation do not respect the older people?
    How do your family spend time together?
    Do your friends family spend time the same way?
    Do you agree that a lot of people dont spend much time with family?
    Do you think doing outdoor activities with family has different effect compared to indoor activities?
    Do you think older people depend on young people?
    Why do you think old people seek young people’s company?
    (for all part 3 questions add why/why not)

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