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    22nd Aug 2018: Speaking Test – India
    Part 1:
    1) May I know your name?
    2) What do you do – do you work or Study?
    3) Do you like music?
    4) Which kind of music you prefer and why?
    5) You prefer downloading music from web or buying a CD?
    Part 2:
    1) In Recent days, there are lots of advertisements – what do you think about that?
    2) Do you get influenced by Ads when you buy a product?
    3) Is there any Ad that was your favorite in your childhood?
    Part 3:
    Talk about a product/service you liked in the past
    a) Explain what the product/service is
    b) Why you liked it
    c) What was special about it
    Part 4:
    1) Do the companies focus on customer perception about a product?
    2) Are the employees being offered any training in servicing customers?
    3) In your opinion, what makes a customer feel bad?
    4) Are customers considered/involved during the product/service is manufactured?

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