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    My IELTS GT speaking test experience.
    Location: Hyderabad, India
    Section 1: Full name, Work or study, what do you work, Do you enjoy your work, Have you used dictionary, prefer e dictionary or a book, How will you feel if they gifted you a dictionary.
    Section 2: Describe a latest infrastructure development in your area, How is it useful for local population, How long it has taken.
    Section 3: Do you think it’s waste of money to spend on roads, why infrastructure useful, How can governments make improvements etc.
    Overall test was very fast, almost like a speed quiz, no time to think, but examiners were incredible nice and polite. Way too many questions and too less time to respond. It’s more like a conversation with arguments, counter arguments than as a series of questions to be answered. Best to be natural. Rote learning unlikely to help.

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