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    Hi All,
    Test location: Hyderabad(INDIA)
    Test date:
    LRW -20 JAN 18
    S -21 JAN 18
    L- section 1: Hiring a hall for party( one word AND/OR number)
    section 2: Advertisement about a tourist attraction in radio (short MCQ(5), Matchting
    feature (5)
    section 3: A tutor with two students discussing about the work they had done, to be
    done ( lengthy MCQ (4), matching features (6))
    section 4: Agriculture (cotton) ( one word*3)( Two words *7)
    REVIEW- Overall, easy but somewhat tricked in matching features of 3rd section.
    passage 1: plastics( 1-5 T F NG) (6-13 ONE WORD)
    passage 2: about vocal sounds of birds (14-20 matching headlines) ( summary*3)
    (matching feature*3)
    passage 3: writer discussed about a book on ingenuity (sentence completion*3,MCQ*3,
    y n ng)
    REVIEW – passage 1 dead easy, passage 2 moderate, passage 3 challenging
    Task-1 Response of two groups( members of club, general public) about
    Quality,information,facilities of theater in 2012. Given in three tables.
    Task-2 Some people argue that a notion should not partake in international aid if it is
    being plagued by problems such as unemployment, homelessness.
    To what extent you agree this.
    I said to a large extent, I perceive this notion because basic needs of citizens should be satisfied. Nevertheless, Being as a human, humanity should not be ignored while our neighboring states are ravaged by different catastrophes in my thesis and developed my essay according to thesis (with topic sentence, explanation, example) into 2 body paragraphs, conclusion.
    Hope i have done good.
    *what is your full name
    * where are you from
    * where is your place exactly located in your country
    * From How long u have been staying there
    * what are the interests of your place
    *Do you prefer reading news online or in newspaper
    *what sort of news you are interested in (world, regional)
    *Have you ever thought yourself as a reporter
    *how you see time daily
    * how you schedule time
    *do you think punctuality was not there in past
    *Why have u choosed him
    * where he lives
    * how he had achieved that peak
    * is reputation required for a company
    * do employee be regarded for his work
    * what is the business that youth have been attracted by in your country
    *do business people should heart hardened in their job( i have not understood this question and asked him to repeat and finally,said about a typical business person in my neighborhood how he faced deficits and endeavored and ultimately triumphed)
    * do you want to become a business men in future.
    as far as i recall, these are the questions i ‘ve faced.
    Ps- Examiner have not interrupted me during first three questions. later, he have not given me space to talk and i was obstructed for every 2 to 3 sentences of my speech by his new questions in a way he have not given me freedom to talk including in part 3 where i should talk for at least 40 seconds for a question.

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