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    Test Date : 1st Aug,2018 General Training, Place: Hyderabad
    The examiner didn’t ask me any of the usual ques for Part 0, except for my full name. She also took my ID when she was escorting me inside.
    Throughout the test she only asked me questions related to order/orderliness, in part 1 as well as part 3.
    Part 1
    General Q about house/appartment? Favourite room in the house? Why?
    Who do spend free time with: family or friends?
    Do more people live in cities these days? Why?
    A city you want to visit? Why?
    again some q about order in cities…
    Ques related to order in life? why it is imp?
    Do all people have order in life?
    Cue Card:
    Talk about an item you lost?
    How it is important to you? What is the item?
    Who gave it to you?
    what were your feelings on losing it?
    Part 3:
    Completely about order…
    Why do people keeping losing important things? &
    What kind of things do people keep losing?
    What are benefits of having an orderly society?
    do you think creativity does not develop if you have order? Why
    Why do some people not like living in orderly societies?
    I kept on speaking for part 2 without fumbling and naturally. She asked me to stop, I guess 2 min were over. That I am satisfied with. I do have some doubt for Part 3.
    I couldn’t immediately answer in part 3, I may have stammered a little, and especially for a topic like order, I found it difficult to answer the questions. She prompted for 1 or 2 questions. Will it affect my band score? by how much?
    Overall I am dissatisfied with my performance.

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