IELTS Exam – Hayward, CA – June 4 2017

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    Module: GeneralTest Date: June 03, 2017
    Location : Hayward, CA.
    Do you live in a apartment or house ?
    Do you like your apartment ? Why ?
    What do you buy in future ? Apartment or a house ?
    Do you like fruits ? What kind of fruits you like ?
    Do you think its healthy to eat fruits ?
    How do you celebrate your birthday now?
    How were the birthdays celebrated when you were a child ?
    DO you think birthdays are important
    In your country, which the most celebrated birthday ?
    Part 2
    Which sport do you like ?
    When did you first watch this sport ?
    Whom do you watch this sport with ?
    How do you enjoying watching this sport ?
    Part 3
    What are the other sports you follow ?
    What are the other sports people follow in your country ?
    Do you prefer watching sport at home or outside ?
    How is the environment like when you watch the sport outside ?
    How did the commercials impact the professional sports ?
    Are some players paid too high ? Do you support large payments to some players ?
    Why do some people don’t watch sports ?

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