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    IELTS General Test
    Hangzhou, China
    6th July(Speaking Test)
    7th July(L/R/W Test)
    Speaking Test
    what’s your full name
    where do you live?
    how long have you lived there?
    what is the most popular app in your country?
    what is the kind of the app?
    which outdoor activity do you like to do?
    do you work need you to do an outdoor activity?
    Part 2
    introduce a popular person(I encountered the same question last time)
    do you like to be a popular person?
    Why do school children like to be popular?
    how do school children do to be popular?
    how do some celebrities to become popular in your country?
    Listening class booking(I can remember some details: yoga, time, price, what need to bring)
    2. licence exchange, multiple choice (some details I can remember: ‘need to be the citizen’,’it is advisable to find personal recommendation’ “which features are those cities’)
    3. two students speaking about doers and thinkers, multiple choice
    4.about ants(some details I can remember: helicopter, corn, worm, medical, sport,)
    1. Uk drive licence
    2. property introduction(for sales)
    3. business competence measurement
    4.(I forget, it is a procedure chart)
    5. RFID tag
    task 1, you are attending an evening course at a college. Write a letter to the administrator of the college.
    1. what do you like about the course
    2. what the problem did you find when you attend the course(eg, bad equippment )
    3. what is your suggestion
    task 2
    some people think governments should be responsible for solving the traffic and pollution problem. Do the benefits outweigh the drawbacks.
    I must say be careful about the question, traffic and pollution, not a single problem.

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