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    I had my speaking today at Gurgaon, India.
    Part 1:
    1. Can I take your name ?
    2. Do your work or study ?
    3. What was your past job ?
    4. Are you friendly with your co-workers ?
    Let’s talk about gifts.
    5. On what occasion, generally people give gifts in your country ?
    6. What type of gift you received last time ?
    7. What do you keep in your mind while you choose gifts ?
    8. Is there any gift that you received but you did not like it ?
    Let’s talk about health.
    9. What sort of exercises you do to keep yourself healthy ?
    10. What other type of physical activities you will do apart from jogging and yoga ?
    11. Are people more concerned about health in your country ?
    Part 2:
    Describe an unusual meal you had
    What was the meal ?
    Why you liked it ?
    With whom you had it ?
    Part 3:
    1. What type of food you like to eat in daily routine ?
    2. What type of food is famous in your country ?
    3. Are restaurants value for money ?
    4. Is fast food popular in your country ?
    5. Is restaurant food healthier than home-made food ?
    End of speaking test.

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