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    I’m from vadodara, gujarat
    Task 1
    May i know your name?
    How may i call you?
    May i see your id?
    Where you live now?
    Tell me about some interesting places in your city!
    Which is your favourite part of city?
    What you spend your time with friends and family?
    And more questions about places you want to visit and activities you want to do in your life..
    Task 2
    Cue card:
    Piece of clothing that you like to wear on special occasion
    What is the cloth?
    Where you bought it?
    How you feel about it?
    Follow ups:
    1.what kinds of cloths people like wear casual or formal?
    2.when people wear formal or non-formal cloths?
    3.what jobs require formal cloths?
    4.what military or arm forces wear uniform that i don’t remember exactly..
    5.why police officers have to wear uniform in public areas or not.. it necessary! Something like that..
    I make many mistakes… during the cue card.. and also in part 3.. i didn’t use that much of vocabs…

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