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    Hello, i took my speaking test yesterday
    Name: Benjamin
    Date: 05/02/18
    Country: Ghana
    Type: Academic
    Part 1
    What is your full name
    Are you working or a student
    What work do you do
    What training have you obtained for the work you are doing
    Would you continue to work there for long ?
    Do you like it when it rains ?
    How often does it rain in your area
    How do people react when it is about to rain
    Do your name has a specific meaning ?
    What names are popular in your home town
    Why do people choose those names
    What special gift do people present during naming ceremony
    Part 2
    Test card had:
    What places do people go and listen to music
    What kind of people go there
    What type of music do people listen to when they are there
    Why do people choose to go there
    Part 3
    Do you think technology have improve music
    How often are children able to listen to music
    What benefit do children obtain in listening to music
    Why would people post their songs on the internet for free?
    Do you think getting music from the internet should be free
    With the improvement in technology, can anyone make music?

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