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    Hi I had my IELTS test today. Academic, Galway Ireland. Part 1-where do you live?what type of accomodation,what do you on a day out?do you spend time with your family and friends??have you planned any trip for near future,can you tell me a day out you had recently. part 2 -A job you would like to do in future. What is it. When did you hear about it first. What does it involve. Why you like this job. Part-3,is it important to have career guidance at school,what should it involve?how early you need to start it ,,why it is important for the companies to take care of the well being of staff,is it impossible to balance work and family

    WRiting Task 2 essay – some people say zoos ar to protect rare species of animal ,many disagree with this opinion.discuss both views and give your opinion

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