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    GENERAL TRAINING – 02/12/2017 (Fiji)
    Part 1
    1. What is your name and what shall I call you?
    2. Why is name important in your culture?
    3. What does your name mean?
    4. How is name given in your culture?
    Part 2
    1. A businessman you admire?
    2. Why you admire him/ her?
    3. What have you learnt from him/ her?
    Task 1
    You have just returned from visiting a friend living in overseas.
    In your letter:
    – thank him
    – invite him for an event you are organising
    – what are you planning for
    Task 2
    Wild animals and birds have started living in towns and cities. Some people propose to kill them while others want to protect. Give your opinion on both views with examples.
    1 Campsite in New Zealand
    2. Use of Cash Card in UK Library
    3. HR Disciplinary procedure
    4. Application for vacancy – Something on Cuppuccino
    4. Grass eating ants – queens, soldiers, small-sized, medium-sized, etc
    LISTENING (cannot recall clearly):
    1. Phone booking
    2. Directions on a map
    3. Discussion on a class
    4. Lecture

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