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    Idp Egypt, Nov 11 (general)
    Am I the only one who got cue card about an interesting advertisement yesterday?
    Unfortunately, I ve prepared more than 40 part 2 topics from the most recent topics. I can see that most of the candidates got topics that i prepared, but I didnt . lol
    Part 1 was personal questions then questions about news
    Do you like newspaper?
    Do you prefer to get the news from internet or from newspaper?
    Do you usually share news with your friends.
    Part 3
    What is the most effective adertising way in your country?
    Why do you think they include music in the advertisements? And things like that.
    I did really good in part 1 and i even saw the examiner writing some 8 in his paper . Then i started to hesitate and take long pauses when i was surprised with the part 2 and 3 topic.
    The writing:
    1. Some people think that the most important things in life are for free and cannot be bought. To what extent do you agree?
    2. You are arranging a party and you would like to ask your friend about recipe for traditional food. I think

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