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    I took my test on November 25 in Ecuador. This was my second attempt, I need a minimum of 7 for each component.
    Speaking part was easy since the topics were familiar to me: do you work or study? (I mean I love my job and telling people about it is always awesome), do you feel like you are going to do that for your entire life? (two lives if I could). After that, we talked about fruits, which I love and we have plenty here (the diversity of fruits in my country makes an excellent topic for discussion with foreigns, I am proud of that). Then the cue card: tell me about something you would like to do but have not done yet, what is it, is it difficult, why haven`t you done it yet. Actually this was funny, I mentioned I wanted to go study abroad, it was my life’s dream but i haven’t done it yet because I needed a higher score in my test!!!! =). The last part included discussion about goals in life (I remarked the importance of persistence), if they change through age and what happen to people who do not have goals.

    Reading was fine, first text about a type of dinosaur at the Museum of Natural History and the information they had about their eating habits through bones, they believed they used to eat their babies but new discoveries found that was untrue. Later something about eye development in marine animal, five types of animals described, their characteristics and how they adapted to the lack of light. Finally the impact of computers in work, how people is stressed about the amount of information available and the fact that they might lose creativity in order to achieve higher production.

    Listening was terrible since we used the typical old recorder in a big classroom with high volume and me sitting at the back having the bouncing sound, it made me lose about 6 answers until my hearing adapted to the second part. Section 1 was easy: a girl calling to a moving company to do arrangements, then the second (my nightmare): there was a map of a gallery and they were describing the first and second floor, I lost all the first floor but tried to write important words to guess the answers. After that I remained angry until the beginning of part three, it was about a man who was receiving advice for an acting class he was organizing and the comments on the books used for the class. The fourth part was fairly easy, just one word, the subject was the sense of smell, psychological implications in humans. I did mention to the test center supervisor that they needed to improve sound quality and that feedback about the session might help them see this is a real issue.

    Writing task 1 was a table comparing large scale fishing companies with small scale fishing companies in terms of employees, production, cost of operation and oil consumption, I guess I did well, I followed advice found here and wrote about 200 words.

    Writing task 2: Society needs rules and laws in order to function properly. The second line I don’t remember much but said something like: individuals should not be free to do whatever they want. To what extend do you agree or disagree. I started well but in the conclusion I noticed I was missing about ten words I got nervous and made that last paragraph about 70 words long, four sentences, I hope it won’t affect my score. I also remember that since I was tired, I was correcting those words I had doubts about in spelling and missed a “f” in offenders and put an extra “b” in abolished =(.

    Good look for everyone.

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