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    General: Speaking Test 23rd Oct’2018 -Dubai (UAE)
    – can I have your full name plz
    – show your id
    – Where do you live.?
    – Tell me something about your area.?
    – Do you have friendly neighborhood.?
    – Do you normally drink bottled water or tap water.?
    – Why do you drink bottled water.?
    – Do you think its expensive.?
    – Have you ever feel like, you are very thirsty and you didn’t get water.?
    – Do you like colors.?
    – What color your room wants to be.?
    – Do you wear bright colors.?
    – Do you remember wearing bright bright colors, when you were kid.?
    – Do you wear bright colors now also.?
    – Is color for car imp. for you.? & if not why.?
    Part 2:
    – Law in your country which you like the most.? When you have learned about it & how it
    effects people.?
    Part 3:
    – Do you like police man in your country.?
    – What do you think good police qualities are.?
    – Do you think they are really maintaining law & order.?
    – Why people in your country prefer more to be a lawyer rather then a policemen.?
    – Why do you think International law are important..explain.?
    Thank you,

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