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    Hello ,
    I had my speaking test today 27/7/2017.
    Dubai ,UAE .
    Can you tell me your fullname?
    How can I call you ?
    Can you show me your ID?
    Part 1:
    Do you work or study?
    What is your Professional ?
    Do you usually go to work by bus , Car or,train? And why?
    Do you have work long hours at your work ?Have you travel any long journey in your life and When ?Why ?
    Which households do you do usually at you home ( cleaning ,washing dishes)
    Which households think you don’t like to do ?
    Cue card :
    Describe about the Book you know ??
    who gave you that book ?
    when you got it?
    Have you read that book?
    Explain why you like it ?
    If you got chance would you read again that book .
    Part :3
    In your country, how they used to Read the book in past and now ?
    Tell me your famous children story book?
    What is the difference between Book and e-book ?
    In your country what is the famous cartoon movie?What kind of is that ,Why ?
    What is difference between Movie and book ?
    I have my remaining test on 29 July 2017.
    Good luck to all.

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