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    IELTS General
    November 10, 5:05 pm
    Doha, Qatar
    Part 1
    What’s your full name
    What can I call you
    Where are you from
    Are you studying or working
    What training did you take for your job
    Would you like to work in the same industry in other countries
    What do you do as family activities during holidays in childhood
    What family activities you do at home
    Have the activities changed over the time
    Where would you like to plan for a vacation with your family
    Part 2 cue card
    Discuss about any traditional product made in your country
    1. Mention the product
    2. Describe it’s appearance
    3. How it is made
    What’s the significance of this traditional product
    Part 3
    Are traditions and culture important?
    Should we learn from our ancestors about our tradition and culture
    Why it is important to learn ones traditional and culture.
    In part 2 I started talking about handicrafts instead of traditional product and the examiner asked me to focus on the question. When I could not understand what wrong I did, then she explained that traditional products such as any fabric or jewellery or furnitures. After that I was able to speak about the traditional products of my country. Will I lose marks because of my misunderstanding of question? And I think I was bit faster but fluent while speaking, is that also a minus point ?
    Tomorrow I have LRW..

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