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    Exam Date: 05 Sep 2018
    Location: Dhaka
    Speaking Questions:
    PART 1:
    1. Do you drink tab water or bottled water?
    2. How much water do you drink everyday? why?
    3. Is it costly to buy bottled drink in your area?
    4. Do you work or study?
    5. Do you enjoy your work?
    6. DO you have any recommendation to improve your workplace?
    PART 2:
    Describe a young child, you should say:
    1. who is he
    2. how you know him
    3. what he does
    4. why you like him
    PART 3:
    1. Giving children money every week. Is it good or bad?
    some other questions regarding spending money & young children. Sorry I forgot them..

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