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    I attended speaking test for My Academic Module Test in Dhaka , Bangladesh on 18th April.
    My Speaking Test Questions, as far as I can recall are :
    Part 1 :
    What’s your name ?
    What do you do ? work or study ?
    What is your job ?
    Does your Job need some sort of training ?
    Do you think you need training in future ?
    Part 2:
    Tell me about a tourist attraction in your country that not so many people visit
    Part 3 :
    Tell me some popular tourist attractions in your country
    What are the things tourist consider to visit a place ?
    Should the government charge for tourist places ?Can not it be free for local people ?
    Is security and accommodation for the tourists to have a visit to a place ?
    Do you think the place you mentioned in cue card will attract more visitors in future ?

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