IELTS Exam – Delhi, India. – June 3 2017

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    Hi Atul,IELTS General Training.
    Delhi, India.
    Writung Task 1.
    You were on a business trip to some other company and you came across an equipment that you found useful for you.
    1. Write a letter to that person telling him about the equipment.
    2. How the equipment can be useful for you.
    3. Ask something about the equipment.
    Start the letter with
    Dear …….,
    Writing Task 2.
    Some people think that earning money is important to enjoy life now. Some think that earning money is important for bright future.
    Discuss both and tell about your opinion.
    I have a doubt about listening test. It is about list selection. Do we need to give the answer in correct order as the conversation or it can be in any order?

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