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    I have taken IELTS Exam on 28,Oct 2017 at Dammam , Saudi Arabia .
    Writing : Task1, Your company is planning to open a new branch in other country , you are interested in this job . Write a letter to your manager ,showing interest in job .
    You need to explain why are you interested in this job.
    You need to discuss what are your plans in case you get this job.
    Ask some questions about the role .
    Task 2. Now a days people spend much money on the things they dont need .
    what is the reason of it ?
    what are the positives and negatives of it .
    Speaking Test .
    Part 1:
    Name , where do I work , what is my job , what training I had for this job .Will I need more training in future, how do you spend your time after office , do you prefer to stay at home or out side on weekends. How do you travel to work , why do you use this mode of transport .
    Part 2
    cue card: what is the tradional product of your country , how its made . when did you use it for first time .
    Part 3: why do you think its important to teach old traditions to children .
    what do you think who is responsible to transfer these traditions , parents or schools
    Do tourists learn the traditions of the country they visit ,
    should tourists learn about the country’s traditions which they are going to visit .
    will share my result as soon as I receive .

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