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    05-March-2020 – General Training –

    Here are all questions we remember asked for both me and my friend.

    My Friend :
    Speaking Test Topic – 1
    Do you work or study ?
    What do you think is more important when you start a job ?
    Do you think friendly colleagues or job satisfaction, which one is important ?
    Do you think you voice has changed since you were a child ?
    Do you listen to your own voice ?
    What do you feel, when you listen to your voice ?
    Does any of your family member has the same voice as you ?

    Speaking Test Topic-2
    Describe a person who is good at his/her job ?
    – Why do you think he/she is good at his/her job ?
    – Explain why you think he/she is good at his/her job ?
    – What qualities made him/her good at this job ?

    Speaking Test Topic-3
    Tell me more about the person ?
    Do you think business should adopt as per the customers necessity ?

    Myself :
    Speaking Test Topic-1
    Full Name ?
    Where do you live, apartment or house ?
    Describe the apartment ?
    Why do you like the apartment ?
    Do you have any shops near by ?
    Do you like running ?
    How frequently you do that ?
    Is your hometown a good place for running ?
    Do you like numbers ?
    Were you good in numbers during your childhood ?
    Do you remember mobile number ?
    Do you still use numbers at work ?

    Speaking Test Topic-2
    Describe a small business you know ?
    – Name of the company ?
    – What business is it ?
    – How do you know about it ?

    Speaking Test Topic -3
    Do you like being a employee or employer ?
    What qualities are required to start a business ?
    Is family business good or bad ?
    How does certain situation inspires someone to start a business ?

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