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    Type: General Training
    Location: Dallas, TX
    My wife took IELTS on Sept 29 and I took it on October 13
    Listening was all right, but couldn’t answer all 40 questions(answered only 38), Reading was good, but there was 11 true/false/not given questions.
    Writing Topics
    Write a letter to your manager complaining about parking problems and suggest some solutions
    Your brother couldn’t join you on a trip that you guys planned. Write a letter to a friend inviting him to join, explain about the trip, why your brother couldn’t make it, and give details about the trip
    Some people say Olympic games are not relevant in 21st century. Do you agree or disagree
    Shops should give preference in selling local food rather than imported food. Do you agree or disagree
    My Speaking questions:
    -What do you do Mr.X, Do you work or study ?
    -Where do you work ?
    -Is it a good place to work ?
    -Can you talk about changes you would like to see at your work place
    -Do you like to draw or paint ?
    -Do you like to see yourself in photographs ?
    -Do you think we need to keep photographs in homes ?
    -Different seasons you have back home
    -What is your favorite season and why ?
    -Received money as a gift
    -When was it ? Who gave it ? What did you do with it ? How did u feel about it
    -Do you think credit cards will take over cash completely in future?
    -Can you talk about some of the benefits of credit cards ?
    – Do still people carry cash with them when they go out ?
    – Do you think money gives power ?

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