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    Thank you for all the resources you have provided through

    I just want to share the questions and topics I got on my IELTS exam to help others prepare for their exams.

    Type of IELTS test – General
    Date of IELTS test – 2nd December 2017
    Location of IELTS test – Dallas, TX, USA

    1. Making a reservation in a banquet for kid’s birthday party
    2. About a community formation and their activities for example, growing crops for food.
    3. Something about management of a project including various positions like delivery manager, executive, project leader etc. For example, who is the leader of which field and who is working on what stuff?
    4. About bamboo treadle pump used in India

    1. First section was about Matching information from advertisements of some courses for job seekers, learners, students, kids, adults etc., and second sections was about fill in the blanks from an article about a company’s employee policy
    2. Don’t remember.
    3. History of Development of an instrument for sailors like compass (matching headings and true/false/not given questions)

    1. You have found an object belonging to your friend when you reach home and you need to return it to your friend. Write a letter to your friend about it including, what did you enjoy when you were in his/her city? How did that mistake happen? How are you planning to return the object?
    2. The best way to motivate and encourage people to work hard is to pay them based on how much they produce and sell. Do you think it is the best way to motivate people to work more?

    – What is your name?
    – Can I see your passport?
    – Do you work or study?
    – How do you spend your day every day?
    – At what time do you wake up daily?
    – How’s you day different from when you were younger?
    – What would you like change in the future about your daily activities?
    – Do you stay in apartment or an independent house?
    – Which one do you prefer to live in?
    – Why do you prefer that?
    – In the future, what kind of house you want to live in?
    – What do you do on your birthdays?
    – How did you celebrate birthdays in your childhood?
    – How is it different from now when you were a child?
    – Do you like celebrating birthdays?
    – Which birthdays are important in your country? And why?

    Talk about a piece of cloth you got from someone, which is important to you. Please say
    – What is it?
    – How does it look like?
    – Why is it important to you?

    – What other kinds of clothes do you like to wear?
    – When do you wear it?
    – What do men wear in traditional functions in your country?
    – Do you like to go for shopping?
    – Do you think people like to go shopping more often?
    – Why do people enjoy shopping so much?
    – Why people like to go shopping with friends?
    – Do you think men also enjoy shopping as much as women?
    – Do you prefer online shopping or in-store?
    – Why is that?
    – Do you think, in future people would reproduce and reuse the clothes for various uses?
    – What kind of things people do to reuse or recycle the clothes?

    Thanks and Good luck to everyone preparing for IELTS exam.


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