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    I had my IELTS General test on 18th Aug 2018, at Columbus, Ohio (USA). I referred your blogs for preparations and they were helpful.
    Sharing topics from the test.

    Section 1: conversation between customer and shopkeeper (charcoal/gas) – completing table, completing graph,
    Section 2: conversation between two students regarding fuel industry – match names of researchers with what their research says (I found it bit difficult and will surely lose marks here)+ food safety conversation
    Section 3: conversation between bike race organizer and volunteer- multiple choice questions, fill in the blanks.

    Section 1: ads by baby sitters- select which ad does what (can use one ad multiple times).
    Section 2: don’t remember
    Section 3: study about skinks – match headings, T/F/NG

    Task1: write a letter to hotel manager about helpful staff member- points 1) explain the situation 2) what you did (don’t remember exact words)3) what you want manager to do
    Task2: Some people think that international competitive sports such as football bring conflict between people of different age groups and nationalities. Others think sport is helping reach understanding between people and nations. Discuss both views and give your opinion

    Section 1: hi/hello, questions about exercising- do you exercise and love doing it? Do young people in your country exercise, yes/no- why? How much sleep do you get, is it enough? What you do when you have difficulty sleeping? + many other related questions. (Answered all with confidence )
    Section 2: 2 mins on occasion when visitors came to your place- what ws the occasion, what you did, how you felt (covered all but I guess missed last part because examiner asked me after completing 2 mins- how you felt about them)
    Section 3: advantages of staying at friends place and in hotel? What people prefer and why? What service should hotel provide? What host country should do for tourists from different countries.
    (Section 1,3 was lengthy, he asked many questions, don’t remember all but the examiner was very friendly and was made me very comfortable even when I was leaving, he stopped the recorder and was talking about his visit to India, I think I will lose marks in section 2 for not covering all 3 parts)
    To all others who are preparing for ielts, please practice listening , reading and writing as much as possible. For speaking be true be yourself , and to have lengthy conversation. Do not memorize the answers. Try improving your weak areas ( for me it was matching names with information in listening, T/F/NG in reading).
    All the best.

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