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    2nd August 2018
    Colombo,Sri Lanka

    Speaking Test part2
    About an interested subject in school:

    Writing Test task 1
    A flow chart which describes the procedures of making three different kinds of tea
    Green tea
    Oolong tea &
    Small leaf black tea

    Task 2
    In some countries it is illegal for employers to reject applicants due to his/her age. What do you think, describe positive or negative development with your own experiences.
    Completed this with four paragraphs
    Introduction with the opinion( strongly agreed)
    Three body paragraphs
    1. Discussed the positive side of oldest employees with an example about a 85 yeas old university lecturer who is still intereste on
    working and leaning also who is very active.
    2. Discussed the positive side again using an example about a School child who invented a medicine for dengue last month.
    3. Negative effect about health issues by joining oldest employees and how it can be solved to achieve positive development.
    4. Conclusion

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