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    IDP Sri Lanka Colombo
    Test Date 14th September 2018
    Part 1 : Do you work or Study? what was your first day in your job? Do you use maps? do you prefer electronic maps or paper map?why?
    Do you use email or letters?why?
    Do you send cards/ letters to your friends these days?
    Do you prefer to have email or a card for you birthday? why?
    do you think people will use email than letters in future? why?
    Part 2 : Cue Card
    Describe the job you do? How did you find what type of job you are doing? what kind of skills required to do the job ? why are you doing this job? What types of jobs categories can you identify in the society ? What types of jobs young generation prefer? why?
    Part 3: Do yo think schools are teaching whats required to a job? At what age do you think children plan for their job? what other skills required to be successful in job ?
    I practiced through all the sample topics for the spoken test and it helped me a lot when preparing for the test. Thanks again!

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