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    Thanks a lot for all the support in test preparation. It’s truly grateful. Today’s my speaking test and Listening, Reading and Writing tests will be on April 07, 2018.
    Here are the speaking test question.
    Venue – BC Speaking Test Center, Colombo 05
    Module – IELTS Academic
    Test Date – April 01, 2018
    PART 0
    1. Could you tell me your full name please?
    2. What can I call you?
    3. Where are you from?
    4. Could I see your Identification please?
    PART 1?
    1. What are the cities that you have been so far? (I have explained four cities. based on them, two cross questions were asked by the examiner; How long have you been there at “X” city? How was the experience there?)
    2. What did you do when you were at home as a child?
    3. Have those activities changed when you are older?
    4. Where do you plan to go with family members in future?
    5. Do you still have the primary school friends?
    6. Do you have friends at office?
    (According to my memory, that’s all in Part I)
    Cue Card – Describe about a good parent that you know
    1. Who the person is?
    2. How do you know him?
    3. How does he/she spend the time with children
    4. Explain why you think that person is a good parent?
    Additional Question – Would you think that you can be a good parent in future?
    (Someone has shared this earlier. Thanks so much)
    1. How do working parents take care of their children?
    2. Do you think that the parents allow children to watch the tv too much, these days? why?
    3. Do you think that both parents should take care of children?
    4. What do teenagers expect from their parents?
    Hopefully, this will help you. Thank you!

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