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    I had my speaking test(Academic) today (3rd April) – Colombo.
    Part 1
    Tell me something interesting about your town
    How long have you been living here
    Why do you like this town
    How much time it takes for you to travel work
    What do you do while you are travelling
    How many meals do you take per day
    With whom do you take your meals
    Do you think food habits are changed, compared to the past
    Part 2
    School Rule that was in place
    What is that rule?
    What are the punishments for violating?
    Do you agree/disagree with this rule?
    Why do you agree/disagree with this rule?
    Do others in your school also feel same about this rule
    Part 3
    Do you think that all rules applicable all age groups in your school
    Do you think students should define rules
    Then asked about work place rules – Maximum working hours rule is acceptable or not?
    Dressing rules in working place acceptable or not?
    Thank you for your website, because this rule topic is listed under 2018 speech topics. I talked about school rule which is platting hair in two , I disagreed with this rule, stating inconvenience, hard as a school child, out of fashion.
    LRW exam is on April 7th. Thank you

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