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    I just had my speaking test/ 11/12/2017 Academic module/ China
    The questions, as well as I remember, are as follows:
    Part 1 :
    1/ Do you work or study? Did you have any training before starting to work? Do you plan to have any training in the future?
    2/ Do you remember how did you spend your free time with family when you were a child? Is it any different from now? What would be a perfect vocation with family for you?
    3/ Have you been using the internet when you were a child? Have the way people use internet changed over the years? Do you think people will use the internet in the future?
    Part 2:
    Describe a person who in your opinion is very knowledgeable about something.
    Who is this person? What subject are they knowledgeable about? How have they influenced you? (or something like that)
    Part 3:
    Do you discuss this person a lot with your friends?
    Do you think it is important to bring together people with different knowledge?
    Do you think it is easier to find information using the internet?
    Do you think information on the internet is always trustworthy?
    Do you think people easily believe information on the internet?
    Why do you think some resources can give false information?
    Do you think people in your circle are easily persuaded by media or not?
    Hope it could help someone))

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