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    Exam date 12 may 2018
    Location Chicago
    Type General
    Hi All,
    Below are the questions for my exam.
    Writing task 1
    Your friend sent a guide book to you. You went to a vacation last week. Write a letter to your friend telling him about the vacation you went to.
    Mention about
    How you enjoyed your vacation
    How the guide book was helpful to you
    How you are going to return it
    Writing task 2
    Many parents think that it is good to teach the children about value of money.
    Why do you think is it important to teach them the value of money?
    What are the ways that can help children in learning about the same?
    Basic introduction
    Do you use apps on your phone
    What kind of apps do you use
    Why do you think people use apps for
    Part 2
    Talk about a famous personality in your locality
    You should speak about
    Why this person is famous
    When and how you met them
    What do you think makes him/her famous
    Part 3
    What kind of adverts are famous in your place
    Why do you think so
    Why do you think the celebrities are famous
    Are celebrities an inspiration to the younger generation
    Some people think celebrities are not to be taken as inspiration. Why do you think so
    Suggestions from my experience:
    Keep a close watch on the time during writing.
    DO NOT take more than 20 mins for task 1.
    Task 2 is important and you will definitely need more time. Organise your ideas before starting to write.

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