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    I took my test on 14th of Oct, General module, Chennai, India
    Writing task 1: u borrowed something from ur friend for a party which got damaged
    Apologize to ur friend
    How damage occurred
    What u r going to do (forgot the exact sentence)
    Task 2:
    Traffic jams are major problem in many cities and towns… Some so building wilder roads is the solution
    Do u agree or disagree
    15th of October
    Speaking test
    Personal details
    Do u like city or town
    Tell me about ur place… Do u like it and why
    What’s d meaning of ur name… Naming ceremony in ur country… Names and culture relationship
    Do u think being punctual is important
    Time u where pleased to have a mobile phone with u
    When was it
    Where were u
    What were u doing
    Question related to mobile usage
    Advantage disadvantages
    Impact of it in current generation.

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