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    Type of Test: General
    Date of Test: May 31 (Speaking) and June 2 (L/R/W)
    Location of Test: Chennai
    Part 1
    1) How often you get bore?
    2) What you do when boring?
    3) Where you like to go?
    3) With whom you would like to spend time, family or friends while boring and why?
    4) Do any changes on your activities to get rid of bore,between childhood and now?
    5) Where people of your country,usually go when bored?
    Part 2
    1) Describe about the song which you like the most and other factors like,
    Why you love the song?
    What is the reason for it?
    Part 3
    1) What types of music available in your country?
    2) In your country,where you will learn music?
    3) Do you think old and young people have different taste on music and Why?
    4) Does music can only learn by people who are with inborn qualities and Why?
    5) Why still some musician cannot shine though they are master of musical art?
    Task 1
    1) Write a letter to thank a person who posted your lost driving license.You should talk about the following in your letter.
    – Describe Why driving license is much important?
    – Asking about the place,where he found the license
    – Inviting him for a meet to thank
    Task 2
    1) Some people believe that parent moving to other country for a work,will give a beneficiary to the children and other people believe that it will affect the children growth.Discuss both sides and give your opinion.
    Over all I performed well Speaking,Reading,Writing but unfortunately I couldn’t do well my listening as other segments.Because I lost the flow of audio at Section 3 thus I didn’t answer four questions and followed by its effect I missed first two questions of Section 4 too. How ever I managed by answering section 3 as its objective question,where as Section 4 is fill in the blanks so I left empty.I am worried a lot.

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