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    I gave exam yesterday, for letter writing I was asked to write,
    1. I’m travelling for a vacation for a month and my friend is going to live in my apartment for a month. Write a letter to my friend giving him instructions on how 1. How to get the key 2. explain about one of the gadgets 3. Suggest places to visit.
    2. Do you think books are losing its importance as a source of information and entertainment. Why?
    1. Do you like travelling in bus?
    2. DO you see yourself travelling in bus in near future?
    3. Do you like ground transport in bigger cities compared to bus travel?
    4. Talk about any happily married couple you know for 1 min.
    5. Do you meet that friend very often?
    6. What is the role of husband in married life?
    7. Do you think husband is equally responsible for childcare?

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