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    Academic Test:
    23,24 June 2018
    Chennai, Tamil Nadu
    All sections were easy except Section 3 which involved a conversation between 2 students about a Travel Survey. It contained fast speech and I had to guess out a few answers.
    Writing Task 1 :
    Bar chart giving information about the percentage of people who can get to 6 different services (Post Office, Work, Secondary School, Primary School, doctor, Supermarket) in rural and urban area of a particular region in the UK.
    Writing Task 2:
    Some think that Zoos are treating animals in a cruel manner. Others, however believe on the fact that it is a place to protect them. What are your views on this?(Give your opinion)
    Section 1: Blue footed boobies of Galapagos Island
    Section 2: The art of Multitasking
    Section 3: The Stardom Everywhere
    Part 1:
    Where are you from?
    Do you study/ work?
    How was the first day in College? Do you remember it?
    Do you like to travel? If yes, then where?
    Do you like to go places alone/ with someone? Why?
    Part 2:
    Talk about your favourite website
    * What is it?
    * How often do you use it?
    * Why do you use it?
    Explain on the things you see in that website.
    Part 3:
    Do you think Internet is better than Television? If yes, why?
    Do you read Newspapers on the Internet?
    Will printed news become obsolete in the future? Why?
    Do you think Internet is having a positive effect on people these days?
    Where do you think people in India watch shows, in a TV or internet?
    What kind of options do people when it comes to entertainment?
    I had a week to prepare, and I was able to understand and utilise some of your tips on the day of Exam.

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