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    Took my speaking test on 4-Jul -18 at chennai, India
    These were the questions
    Part 1 .
    —Work or Study–
    Where I was from ?
    What do I do. work or study?
    my job responsibility and stuff
    . Do I have friends at office ?
    About newspapers Do I read newspaper?
    which kind of news I like ?
    Do I read news from digital devices?
    About writing
    Do I write?
    As a child did I enjoy writing
    Do I prefer hand written letters or typed ones ?
    Part 2 .
    A good photo of me ?
    When it was taken?
    Where it was taken ?
    Who took it ?
    Why I liked it ?
    Part 3
    More questions on photo like
    How is the photo that is printed different from the one we see on screen ?
    In future , would only digital photos exists rather than prints?
    How has the people’s mentality towards photo manipulation changed now ? — Not sure on this question , but something like this ..
    Can photos replace paintings ?
    Do you like looking yourself in photos?
    Do you think the culture of just taking several photos at a holiday spot is ok ?
    Do you think mobile phone with camera is necessary today?

    — My experience —
    I was pretty relaxed during part 1 and part 2 .. Only in part 3 I stammered a bit ..
    say the question like manipulation of photo .. I just started answering the question with what came to my mind at that point . then after the test had feeling I didnt hear or understand the question properly . Also while speaking for part 3 .. I was aware that certain words were inappropriate .. say like for intelligence I made a mistake by just saying peoples maximum brain capacity.. But the very next moment , I realised it was absurd.. though I was helpless..
    Quite apprehensive if that would lower my score?
    Taking the other modules on Jul 7.. will post the experience.

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