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    I had the Speaking test today in Chennai India (2nd July 18)
    Task I
    What is your full name?
    Where are you from?
    Do you work or study?
    What is your work timings?
    2-3 more question on my work
    Do you use dictionary frequently?
    Cue card –
    What is the one aspect that you learned (not from school or college) which helped you?
    What is it?
    Where did you learn it?
    How it helped you?
    Task 3 –
    What do you think is the correct age for schooling?
    Do you think the teachers and caretakers in the play schools are least bothered about the children?
    Who are the perfect leaders for kids, parents or teachers?
    What is the one other activity that children can be taught other than schooling?
    Will sports affect the educational talent of children?
    What is a special thing that humans possess while other living things do not?
    Finally – What is opinion on learning and what is the greatest outcome of learning?

    I pretty much answered everything without any break or pause. The interviewer came up with lots of questions about work, education, additional activities etc. I was spontaneous with my answers and I assume the interviewer wanted to prolong the speech for 15 mins and that’s why she had lot many questions. For Cue card I answered that Work Ethics and Professionalism is what I learned from my work place and explained for a couple of minutes. I noticed a pleasant smile from the interviewer for all my answers. hopefully she must be happy with my answers.

    I am hoping a score of 8 or a minimum of 7.5 incase the interviewer thought I was quick with my responses. Eagerly waiting for the 13th of July. All the very best guys n girls

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