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    Hi, I just finished the IELTS, I took 2-days exam.11 January 2020

    Writing Task 1: Line chart about the percentage of 4 group ages in New Zealand from 1950-2050
    Task 2: Spoken communication is more powerful than written communication. Agree/disagree?

    Reading was easy, but Listening section became much faster than Cambridge 14

    Part 1 Work/study? House/flat? Pen/pencil? Why? What did you buy last time pen/pencil? What’s your favorite number? Are you good at memorizing number? Are you good at math? Will you use math in the future?
    Part 2: Describes the most exciting event. What? When? Where? Why is it exciting?
    Part 3 Private n public event in your country? Do you agree if people spent much money on party? Is there any spesial private event that well-prepared in your country? How about public event? Is it okay if companies become the sponsor of public events?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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