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    Hi mam, I took my speaking exam today. GT, Chennai.
    Part 1:
    1. Where you live?
    2. Is there many shops in your area?
    3. What are the seasons in your country?
    4. Do you prefer hot or cold weather?
    5.Do you wear sunglasses?
    6.whether you gifted sun glasses to anyone?
    7.have you lost your sunglass?
    Talk about lecture which you heard before.
    You should say
    1. When and where you heard
    2.who gave that lecture?
    3.what is subject of that lecture?
    Part 3.
    1.what are the important things to be best listeners.
    2. In which areas, listening helps?
    3.what are the professions need listening skills?

    I took often pauses while
    Starting to speak in part 3, because I couldn’t get ideas suddenly. And I repeated some words often but I spoke well in part 1 & 2. Will they affect my score?

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