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    Candidate Name: Nikhil Saini
    Test Center : Chandigarh
    Test Date : 7th September 2018
    Part 1:
    Your full name?
    Where are you from?
    Are you working or studying?
    Where you work?
    What would you like to change at your office?
    Favorite sports person?
    What other sports are popular in your country?
    Part 2 which was cue card:
    Describe anything which you borrowed from your friend or family member?
    – who was the person
    – what was the thing?
    – why u bought it?
    Part 3:
    Poolling and other things
    Why people doesn’t like to share their personal belongings such as cars or appartments?
    Will it change in the future?
    Part 1 and part 3 went pretty smoothly, I answered it very accurately, but did asked the examiner for repeating the question on two occasions, now I wonder will it impact negatively?
    Part 2; I spoke between one and half minute with bit of hesitation. The examiner pointed me towards one bullet point which I already mentioned but she asked me to say about it again
    Please guide me what could be the band score ?

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