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    General Training – Speaking
    Chandigarh, India
    1. What is ur full name ?
    2. Where is your home town.
    3. Do you work or study ?
    4. Where do you work?
    5. What is your responsibilities at work?
    6. Do you wish to continue with job ? Why ?
    7. Do you like fruits ?
    8. Which is ur favourite fruit ? Why?
    9. Did you like eating fruits as child. Why?
    10. Do you often use emails.
    11. Why you use emails
    12. Do you prefer emailing people or talking over phone when at work
    13. What are benefits of sending emails.
    14. Do you think it will continue in future.
    Part 2: (Cue Card)
    Describe a leisure activity you wish to do near seashore
    1. What kind of leisure activity.
    2. What things you require in doing that.
    3.Why are benefits of this activity.
    Part 3 : (Extended Discussion)
    1. Do you think a child or old person will enjoy more near seashore.
    2. How globalwarming is affecting marine life.
    3. How we can prevent marine life from adverse effects of globalwarming.
    4. Have you tried underwater diving?
    5. What are the benefits of under water diving ?

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