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    I had my speaking test today in chandigarh (India)
    Part 1
    1. Tell something about your house?
    2. What kind of house you like?
    3. From where you learnt politeness?
    4. Is politeness important in life?
    5. Do you think that rules of politeness are changed from past?
    Nd 2-3 more related to politeness?
    Part 2
    A conversation with someone you don’t know.
    Where it happened?
    Who was the person?
    What you talked about?
    Why this conversation was interesting?
    Part 3
    1. Why it is important to be chatty?
    2. Do you think that women are more chatty than men?
    3. Which conversation is more effective, face to face or through phone?
    4. What is the role of social networking sites in communication?
    5. Why it is more popular these days?
    6. Do elder people like to use social networking sites?
    7. Will these sites be more popular in future?
    My 1st nd 2nd part was really gud.. but in 3rd round I fumbled a couple of times and corrected myself. Will it effect my scores?

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