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    Academic IELTS on 29 July 2017
    Exam Center – Chandigarh (INDIA)
    Writing task 1
    Three pie charts show information of four different types of vehicles using a major road bridge in UK in 3 years.
    Writing task 2
    Some people think educational qualifications bring success to life. Other think educational qualifications do not necessarily bring success in life
    Discuss both views with relevant examples.
    Passage 1 – about fossil fuels
    Passage 2 – Mathematics patterns in nature and man made objects
    Passage 3 – Development of human language
    Speaking module was on 22 July 2017
    Introduction – full name, home town, If want to be teacher in future, watched tv in childhood and many more questions.
    Cue Card – talk about Neighbour
    Follow ups – Are neighbours know each other nowadays?
    How technology affects neighbourhood?
    Different ways to help elderly persons.
    How these ways can be helpful for younger people?

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